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Mathstar Wobbling – The End Isn’t Nigh Though


I presume you’ve heard of them, otherwise why would you be on a blog post that discussed them?

They claim to be the FPOA leader. Imagine that, the FPOA leaders! That’s because no-one else is stupid enough to invest their money and careers in such a feeble idea.

These guys have gone to the market now and got tens of millions of dollars more than once with the most water-headed concept I’ve ever seen:

They think they can dislodge the multi-billion dollar FPGA industry by pulling some half-baked architecture out of their asses with no programming model worth speaking of.

The Mathstar people don’t annoy me, they’ve maybe even done a noble thing by putting their careers on the line for an idea.

The investors annoy me a little more, because they seem to have money to throw away at a stupid idea.

What annoys me most though is the number of times people in the industry, who should know better, talk about the Mathstar devices as if they are actually part of the hardware acceleration landscape.

They’re not. They are a joke sideshow that no-one has bought in any serious numbers. It is a zombie architecture, and people are only talking about it because of the millions being spent on little adverts all over the interweb.

Check out their share price and revenues here. The share price is on a constant downer, and the revenues are just noise hovering above zero. The emperor has no clothes! Will this architecture just die already!

The thing is that it won’t though. They’ve got a reasonable amount of cash in the bank. Maybe enough to update their architecture, but then again maybe not. If not, then we can expect them to spend it all on marketing their terrible device, The Arrix. With $30 million dollars this could go on for years.

They’re doomed in the end though. Doomed.


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