The reason I started this blog is not because I value my opinions so highly. It was because if there was a blog like the one I’m trying to write, then I would probably read it quite regularly. Most of the reporting on Accelerated Computing is so full of hype. People are spending millions on marketing their ideas and products, whether they are good and bad. I’d like this blog to be a place where I can take a critical look at the claims being made for the technologies that are getting the most press. If you disagree with me, or have something to add, then leave a comment. It’s interesting times out there in the computing world, we should be talking things over!

You can correspond with me at the email address acceleratingthings_at_gmail.com

My heart is not set on this being an anonymous blog, but I think I’ll keep it that way for now, then make a decision a little further down the line.


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  1. Hi

    I like your blog.

    Gor referred here after the comments on Mathstar & Tilera, which I totally agree with.

    We too are a multi-core architecture. I like to think we have done it diffently to those guys:
    – Focussed on tools before silicon, so it actually is possible to prgam (whodathunk it…?)
    – Thought about applications and “where are we going to sell it?” before we started.

    That’s my biggest raised eye-brow on Tilera. Anyone who claims “We can do everything” is really saying “We do not know what we are any good at” – which is quick direction post to the graveyard….

    Claiming they can L4-L7 acceleration *and* video smells strongly of “ummm… lets name something sexy and hope someone bits”

    As I say, I believe (hope!) we have approached it differently.

    Certainly the fact we have survived six years and are shipping large volumes of multi-core provessors to credible customers (Intel, Nortel, Samsung, etc) seems to bear that out.

    Happy to chat


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